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Cloud Hosting & Apps

Kay IT can provide the knowledge and expertise to host your applications and services in the cloud, helping you to focus on running your business

Keeping all of your services up and running can be both complicated and expensive – especially if you are tying to create a highly available environment. With the cloud, the cost of redundancy and scalability has never been so accessible.


With cloud hosting, your web site, application or service doesn’t just sit on one piece of hardware, it sits across multiple servers helping to protect you from downtime because of hardware failure

Leveraging Windows Azure, or the cloud platform of your choice, Kay IT can host your applications and ensure that the right balance between redundancy, scale and costs are achieved for the needs of your business


No longer do you need to invest in over more powerful server’s just so you can cope with those peaks in usage. With the cloud, you can scale up and down automatically depending on usage.

Kay IT has the skills and expertise to really get the most out of your cloud strategy helping to ensure that grow with demand rather than struggle to keep up. Plus with extensive knowledge in environment setup and configuration, Kay IT can help keep your applications performant whilst using less resources


In the cloud, you only every pay for what resources you actually need. So as your application usage changes, so does the accompanying bill. So now, to keep your application responsive 100% you don’t need to pay over the odd’s for hardware that is only actually required a small percentage of the time.

But when you do need that temporary boost in power, the cloud can respond quickly and automatically, scaling up your resources and them back down as usage drops. And to protect you from bill shock you can always provide upper limits to how much it can scale and/or send email alerts to keep you updated

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